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•  This exhibition is currently available for booking through 2030. If you would like to bring this groundbreaking exhibition to your area, please contact David Thomas.


•  A sample 90-page full-color catalogue is available upon request.


•  The exhibition contains up to fifty images all printed on 22 x 30 inch RIVES BFK French rag paper. The prints are shipped unframed in a wooden crate 24 x 32 x 3 inches and weighs 17 lbs.


•  A complete set of wall labels in both English and Vietnamese is included.


•  The prints can be hung using binder clips, magnets or other manner after consultation with the lender.


•  The lender requires proof of insurance from the time the exhibition arrives at the host’s institution until it is returned to the lender.


• Booking schedule to be determined.


•  Hosting Venue is responsible for round trip shipping costs.

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