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The ‘Finding Parkinson’s’ Exhibit contains approximately 50 pieces of combined lithographic and digital images. The works fall into two categories: Brainscapes I and Brainscapes II. Brainscapes I are of images of my face (selfies) collaged with MRI scans of my brain.


On December 14, 2020, I saw my brain for the first time in MRI brain scans. My neurologist had ordered a set of slides and when I saw them, I became fascinated with their graphic quality. These scans compelled me to create visual images of the fight with my brain disease. I took photos of my face or ‘selfies’ and combined these with the MRI images. The prints in this exhibit were made between 1976-1986. At that time, I was exploring printmaking processes and color.


These prints had no specific subject matter and I left them unfinished and eventually stored away until rediscovering them again in 2020.


Brainscapes II are created with images from Brainscapes I collaged onto the unfinished lithographs mentioned above. Adding Brainscape I to the unfinished lithographs provided them the subject matter and made them complete.

To see the exhibition catalogue, click here.


To see the exhibition, click here.

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